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Why Building a Work Culture of Inclusion, Diversity, and Belonging Is Essential Today

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Inclusion, diversity, and belonging at work are more important than ever before. Today, companies must foster an environment where people feel valued and appreciated for their individuality, considering how technology has broken down geographical barriers. More businesses are working with people from across the world thanks to remote working.

Inclusion, diversity, and belonging are three words that have become a hot topic within professional circles and sometimes even used only for political correctness- with the implication and necessity lost. What do they mean? And what does it mean to build a workplace culture of inclusion, diversity, and belonging?

In this blog post, we will answer these questions so you can create an inclusive work environment!

We want to dive a little more into applications of workplace inclusion in 21st Century companies. We will also consider the reasons why this is crucial for business success.

Let’s start with these words themselves.

Understanding Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging

The whole concept of inclusion, diversity, and belonging is about ensuring all people who want to work for your company can do so, regardless of their background or personal identity, and have a voice. That includes age, gender, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, and more.

However, although these three terms are interconnected, they do not imply the same thing and can not be used interchangeably.

Here’s a quick look at each.

Diversity is the level of representation or make-up of your workforce. A diverse team allows for different perspectives and experiences, which improves the quality and innovation of ideas.

Inclusion is how well contributions, perspectives, and ideas of each group get integrated into the workplace. It is very much possible to have a diverse workplace without inclusion.

An organization may have employees from different nationalities, genders, races, or religious beliefs, but only the perspectives from certain groups influence the company decisions and drive change.

Belonging is the cord that ties the two into a harmonious work environment. When the contributions of every representative in a diverse work environment are valued, it creates a sense of belonging and emotional investment in the work.

Why Is Belonging Important?

Being part of an organization means people feel like they belong at their workplace.

People who don’t feel comfortable or welcome will either leave or become disengaged. It makes it more difficult for leaders to grow their talent pool, thereby impacting business goals.

What Does Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Look Like

Diversity is not just about numbers. It’s also about the different talents, perspectives, and backgrounds that employees bring to work. And also an equitable reward of work excellence and capability, regardless of the person. 

Inclusion focuses on belonging-creating an environment where each of the different employees can feel at home. It means giving every one of these diverse groups equal opportunities to contribute at all levels. And it can be in simple acts like acknowledging the multicultural needs of your team, such as religious and holiday celebrations.

Marrying the two is important.It is good to have a workforce cutting across diverse cultures and affiliations, but even better is giving them equal chances to be heard and succeed.

You may have 50% women in your company; great overall diversity, but not in executive or leadership positions. Or maybe you have an excellent representation of color, yet all are in a particular job or department. Such scenarios can be tell-tale signs of how well a company applies diversity and inclusion.

Why Building Diversity and Inclusion Is Essential for Your Team and Business

Creative Problem-Solving

Having diversity in the workforce can help companies tackle many problems, such as how do we reach more demographics? How about focus groups for new products or services where everyone feels valued and heard when sharing thoughts on what they want within their company.

Employee Retention

Companies with higher diversity and inclusion report lower levels of employee turnover. Women view companies with women in leadership as fair and are likely to show interest in them. A Diversity hiring survey by Glassdoor revealed that 67% of job seekers look for diversity in companies.

Inclusion is also a defining factor for people of color in the choice of workplaces.

Report by shows statistics on inclusion and employee performances.

Employees’ experiences of inclusion are a result of a leader’s approach to leadership.

See the table below on inclusion experience and the employees outcomes at the company.

Inclusion experience

Feeling valued

Being trusted

Acceptance and authenticity

Psychological safety in expressing oneself

Impact on the employee (%)

Team problem-solving 49

Work engagement 35

Willingness to stay 20

Ability to innovate 18

Fosters Innovation  

Diverse teams bring new ideas that lead to higher revenue and profits. The most innovative businesses like Google, ExxonMobil, Apple – value diversity because they know it leads to better products and services that appeal to more customers.

Employee Satisfaction 

Employees who feel included on their team are happier than those who don’t. That creates a positive cycle of productivity – happy employees produce quality results.

Practical Ways to Improve Diversity & Inclusion

To build a culture that includes diverse people with your team, you must ensure inclusion and belonging.

Understanding inclusion starts with having conversations around race, gender identity, and identity. Taking this step will help discourage prejudices and increase acceptance.

Having a diverse workforce that is in synergy will help your company grow. You want to have people on board who are not only skilled but who are also passionate about the job at hand.

Some ideas to employ are:

  • diversity-focused development and mentoring programs for your team
  • Employee networking groups
  • communication
  • HR Policies centered on inclusivity

There are many ways of creating a diverse workplace culture – one example could be hiring interns from underrepresented groups to gain valuable experience within your company.

It is a fact that teams are more innovative, productive, and creative when there’s diversity. To achieve this, create incentives for employees from underrepresented groups. It can be by offering them growth opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise get without being with your organization.

Lastly, note that building diversity within your workplace does not necessarily mean hiring from underrepresented groups just because that’s where society spotlights. It’s about looking at the needs within your organization.

Metrics for Measuring the Success of Diversity and Inclusion Efforts

Most companies are already incorporating different ways to boost their efforts in this area. Even more interesting is how many of them have measures in place to track their progress and success. If you are looking at methods to track your diversity and inclusion efforts, here are three popular ones by organizations from a study by Forbes..

  • Productivity
  • Engagement
  • Turnover

Now you know what it takes to build an inclusive workplace culture and practical ways to improve diversity and inclusion. If you enjoyed reading this article, be sure to share it, follow me on social media, or leave feedback.

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Leadership Tips From Minority Healthcare Leaders

Leadership positions and monumental successes are not just for certain people. Whether in the minority, majority, or whatever designation you give yourself, you can break the barriers and status quo to become a leader in your field. These inspiring black female leaders are proof that it is possible. So, we caught up with them to find out what drives them, and here are the leadership tips they had to share.

What Marks Potential Effective Leaders?

We all want to lead better at the workplace, home, or in other spheres of life.

Dr. CoCo, Kim Henderson, Coach Bruce, and Lorena Acosta are exemplary leaders who moved up through sheer determination. They share some insights into their journey to become leaders in their fields. The sentiment is that people with leadership potential draw from different tips and techniques to get to the top. And so, aspiring and existing leaders can take these tips and apply them to their business and career leadership goals to guarantee success.

Consistent Growth Through Learning

Dr. Nicole Cole or Dr. CoCo, who started her healthcare career in the humble position of CNA, echoes the value of education in personal growth and successful career advancement. She is now the founder and director of attributes her love of knowledge and continuous education to where she is now. Growing into leadership means investing in yourself and the skills you need to move forward.

Dr, CoCo’s determination to grow is a great leadership lesson- that those excellent leaders that move to the top of
their game are willing to succeed against all odds. Take a leadership course, attend webinars, conferences, and
management training online. Alternatively, there are
short leadership challenges for daily practice.

Identify and Invest in Your Passion

Impactful leadership starts with passion. Whether in business or professional careers, people that pace set have an inner drive and love for what they do.

Hard work is not hard work if you love what you do-Dr. Coco says

As a director, she is super busy and travels a lot to different parts of the country. But, what may seem like hard work to others feels as natural as breathing to her.

Mentor Others

As a leader, you are a model for your team. That means showing a willingness to learn and succeed- and instilling the same in your people.

I started Bannic healthcare out of a need to pass on knowledge and experience from my career of 20 to 30 years. And to build the next generation of healthcare workers possessing the appropriate values- compassion, kindness, and warmth- Dr.Coco.

The best way to deal with challenges as a leader or administrator in any capacity is through education. Teach and show others especially, those you are leading, how to do something. And they will do it well, eliminating productivity and efficiency gaps.

Adapt to Trends, Be Flexible

Times change so fast- trends and innovations happen in the blink of an eye. That means being quick to jump on board
and move with what works in the business world. A leader should take into account and adapt if they are to remain
relevant and competitive. Dr. CoCo recounts how much a time difference of ten years made in marketing her business. Realizing that what worked then would not currently. Today entrepreneurs and leaders must invest in digital marketing to be visible to their audience. Follow the entire conversation here

Be Innovative

Forging a unique path is a critical quality in an inspirational leader. People always depend on leaders to drive
change and lead them to better things.

Tonika, the award-winning nurse leader and coach, always emphasizes the necessity for creativity in her business training and books. By not limiting your mind to
the belief that you can’t go any farther, you can break new records every day and become limitless. A leader others admire and follow is tenacious, brave, and a forward thinker, embracing new ideas or creating them. Innovation makes
leaders thrive and remain relevant. If you are in business, leading a project, or a company executive, focus on creating new angles to your product or spin-offs that add value to your customers and team. Bring meaning to those you lead and provide solutions to your clients.

Build Relationships-Lorena Acosta

You can’t always deliver the right solutions, but you can make human interactions-Lorena Acosta. 

Leaders will forever have obstacles and challenges, but they rise above them by figuring out what works and what
doesn’t, then move forward. Part of these challenges come in the form of failed products or services. Personal brand consultant and LinkedIn superstar Lorena advises on taking the win in the situation- forging alliances with the connections you have made. Since the goal of thought leadership is not just selling but becoming a brand and role model. It is also crucial to be a human first when dealing with the team and employees. It helps build trust and a support system.


Leadership is within and without. Iconic leaders start from finding and leading themselves first, just like our
inspiring minority women leaders. Visit and follow the leadership podcast for regular tips and trending topics.

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5 Self Development Tips to Make Winning Your Lifestyle

The most significant accomplishment in life is to live out the best possible version of yourself. It takes self-development, a process that involves building upon the structure of your social, personal, and professional life.

It means reaching towards your potential to become a better person than you were yesterday. When you focus on doing this, your life and the circumstances around it improve.

How do you start doing this? In the book relentless pursuit, I share the importance of mindset shift and how to achieve it in the journey towards unlocking your potential and eventual success. I want to echo the same sentiment here. The journey of self-development begins with looking inwards to change how you act outwards.

In this article, we have rounded up five revolutionary self-development tips that will transform your life from that of self-pity to robustness and fulfillment. Look at them as nudges to move from a defeatist to a winner’s mindset.

Practice Self-Acceptance

Self-acceptance is the birthplace of all magic. When you look at yourself without judgment, then real growth begins to happen. How many stay stagnant in life because of the perceived limitations they have. When you accept who you are;

  • You don’t take ailure and rejection personally.
  • You recognize your value and appreciate your weaknesses.
  • Your self-esteem heals.
  • And the healthy image you have becomes essential to your development.

Create Milestones

Don’t work blindly. It never works. You have goals, great. Now you need to align those with milestones. You see, goals are like small signposts that lead to the milestones you set for yourself. As you pass these signposts, you know how much progress you are making towards them. And that translates to growth and development.

Make the Most of Time

Successful people spend time wisely. Consider this. How much time do you spend on fun or tasks that have little impact on the future you want for yourself? It’s okay to have fun but remember there is an opportunity cost in life. If you take more time surfing the internet randomly, catching up with friends three times a week, it means you have less time to focus on your goals. You can predict success by considering the amount of time you spend on activities that make you money. Bruce Lee once said if you love life, you will not waste time because it constitutes life.

Focus on Personal Growth

Success in career and social life is superb. But don’t forget to add in a few personal goals as well. Working on becoming a better human being makes you feel good about yourself and boosts your confidence.

Out with the Negative, In with the Positive

Thoughts and self-talk play a significant role in self-development. As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. If we are talking about development, your mind must think and believe in your ability to progress for you to act. Be aware of your thoughts: they matter. Any time a negative one springs up, counter it with a positive one. It will take time, but like all habits, it will catch on. Remember, you can’t live a positively abundant life if your mind is in a dark, self-deprecating place.

The First Step

The first step is knowing where to start. Now you do. It’s time to start changing your life. If you are willing to work on your self-development, success will be yours.

If you enjoyed the list, please share your comments below. Click the link here to get a free copy of more success habits you can incorporate into your life today for your personal development.