Top 7 Tips to Help Motivate and inspiration are among the top-rated qualities of exceptional leaders. That’s because hiring is a once-off affair but getting the people to stay productive is an ongoing process. To achieve results, you must find creative ways to motivate and inspire your team.

A big part of this is your passion. Sadly, you can not fabricate it.

Leaders who are enthusiastic about the business, its goals, and the vision tend to be magnetic. Some still employ old tactics like authority, intimidation, or goodwill to get the team to work. But, from personal experience leading people, inspiration and motivation are intrinsic(starts from within), so all attempts must be employee-oriented and rooted in the leader’s passion.

Below is a list of seven tips that can help motivate and inspire others.

#1 Self-awareness

Start by motivating yourself. What is it that inspires you to do what you do? If you can find a way to connect your values to your work, then you have the fuel to stay in the game. For example, if you value excellence, you don’t just do a task. You master the craft. If it’s learning, you learn something new daily.

Self-motivated individuals have something to pour into others.

#2 Clear and Measurable Goals

People are motivated when they know they are working towards something. The leadership often knows what the vision and business goals are. Other times the specific, measurable actions are not in place. The team has to figure out as it goes. As a frontline leader, you must coach the team in goal-setting.

#3 Empowerment

Empowerment has a connection to confidence and is an essential source of intrinsic motivation. You can empower your team by delegating work and allowing the people to come up with solutions. Coach and facilitate them in solving problems instead of bringing them to you.

#4 Know the Team

Inspiring leaders find time to know team members individually.

Show this by giving constant feedback on the work of individual employees. Most people wrongly assume that your feedback must be positive. On the contrary, authentic responses show people where to improve. Make the time spent with people matter by listening and learning about them.

#5 Professional Development

Support professional development. Growth opportunities are a perfect way to keep people on their toes. Offer challenges, training, mentorship, and encourage them to set learning goals.Tailoring these strategies to specific employees’ skills can motivate and inspire them into growth.

Another approach is to allow them to try new ideas.

#6 Inspiring Actions

Inspirational leaders show, they don’t tell. You can’t ask your followers to provide excellent customer service when you do not portray the same commitment.

#7 Passion

You must be passionate about the mission and vision of the business and share it with others. Passion is caught, not taught, so demonstrate this in meetings, presentations, handling with customers, etc. The passionate leader inspires the team to act the same way.

Traditionally, leaders used added responsibilities to inspire performance. However, psychology shows that humans are motivated and inspired by intrinsic factors. Take one or two suggestions from the list and try them.

If you are concerned about implementation or want more in-depth knowledge on this, follow this link and learn how to become a leader who influences others.



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7 replies on “Top 7 Tips to Help Motivate and Inspire Others”

The most inspiring thing I have seen a leader do is humble sacrifice. Like Nelson Mandela did, His commitment to justice and peace, even after being imprisoned for so many years, is a reminder that great leaders must often sacrifice their personal comfort to accomplish their goals.

Being the leader of a team is a huge responsibility, regardless of whether you’re the CEO, department manager, or supervisor. As a leader, it’s your job to inspire and motivate the others on your team to work to the very best of their abilities. Being an effective leader demands several qualities and characteristics that encourage those around them to succeed. I absolutely agree to that the qualities above are essential in making you an effective team leader. By developing your leadership skills, you’ll see your team’s performance, productivity, and morale improve significantly. In turn, this can lead you and your company towards greater success.

Great Blog! These tips are very helpful. Thank you so much for sharing this. I hope more people will see it too.

This is an awesome piece full of valuable tips. Eye opening! Am starting the work on myself immediately.

I love clear and measurable goals the most.
You can see your tasks and you can measure your results.

The results never lie.
Good one!

Inspiring piece,every tip precise ,this sure should motivate.Thanks for sharing this amazing information.

These tips are such great tips to imply and achieve whatever you want in life. Nothing is impossible.

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