Top 7 Personal Development Practices That Every Leader Must Adopt

top 7 personal development practices

Top 7 Personal Development Practices That Every Leader Must Adopt

personal development

The role personal development plays in building leaders cannot be overemphasized. It’s the key to being different from other leaders. And it’s the bridge that connects you and your goals faster. As an individual, personal development can help you reach the next leave in your workplace.

Investing in personal growth and development will help you identify your leadership potential. It will also assist you in making difficult choices for success, teach leadership essentials and plan your personal growth.

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However, before you can be consistent in developing yourself personally, you need to have a clear plan that you can stick to. You must know the exact personal development practices that will build on leadership capacity.

Check out the top seven personal development practices you must learn to become a successful leader.

top seven personal development practices

Always Improve Self-Awareness

Emotional intelligence is the ability of individuals to acknowledge their own emotions, that of others, distinguish between various emotions, and sort them correctly. The ability to use emotional intelligence to act, think and manage emotions to achieve goals or adjust to the environment is one of the core skills of a leader.

Emotional intelligence falls into self-management, relationship management, self-awareness, and social awareness categories of personal development. Panic is transmittable and creates unstable environments. However, so are confidence, calmness, and communication, which create a positive environment.

Improve Communication Techniques And Styles

The virtual world we currently live in has made communication difficult. The existing silos have become more pronounced and thus have put a strain on the flow of information, relationships, and the ability to do regular functions like reading body language during communication. 

Leaders need to learn how to communicate right and adequately. It doesn’t mean you should start adding more zoom meetings to your already tight schedule. However, it means that even with the existing virtual meetings you have with your team members, always ensure that the goals and objectives are time-bound, crystal clear, quantifiable, and accurate. 

Set definitive and achievable standards for adequate virtual meeting formalities. You must also ensure that each team member is adequately clear about their role in every project your organization works on. As a leader, always remember that communication is never enough. So, never imagine you have done enough.

Learn to Show Empathy

Empathy will always be a core leadership skill. It is crucial for building meaningful work relationships, connecting with employees, enhancing engagement, improving the capability to inspire employees significantly, and providing feedback effectively. In this world of remote working and virtual teams, empathy is vital for associating with each member’s situation they face working from home.

Advance Skills in Motivating Yourself And Others

Your employees’ talents are not enough to drive productivity and high performance- they need motivation. Every team, athletic or business, requires inspiration and cheering from time to time. As the coach, you must first learn to motivate yourself before coaching your employees in self-motivation. 

Invest in Coaching And Mentorship

Invest in Coaching And Mentorship

Successful leaders never get tired of learning. They strive to become a better version of themselves. They look for open and honest feedback. As a leader, continuous learning should be at the top of your priorities. To do this effectively, ensure you have accountability techniques and channels to improve yourself. 

Identify coaches and mentors that will prepare you for the current and next stage of leadership. You have to arm yourself with tools that make you a better leader. Click here to get free training on the traits you need to be a successful leader.

Enhance Change Leadership Ability

Although change leadership is crucial for leading any team, it is one of the most challenging aspects of being an executive or business leader. Business excellence comes with the transformation and adoption of new strategies. These come as the system, team, or business processes change. Through all these disruptions, you will need to be at the core of helping everyone transition with the business. 

That said, you must learn how to handle change. Consider leadership training and books on change management as early as you step into the leadership position. Here are some excellent book recommendations for your leadership journey.

Control Anxiety Through Improved Wellness Activities

Do leaders need wellness training? Absolutely. Leading a group of people requires inner strength and peace.

As a leader, you should take your health and wellness seriously. Keeping your mind and body in perfect shape is crucial if you want to lead in any environment. It is far more tedious to guide your team through uncertainties and problems if you don’t have the needed focus and energy. Ensure you make time for meditation, healthy eating, fitness, reading, more sleep, and reflection. Most importantly, reduce the intake of alcohol.

Final Thoughts

As a leader, you must take ownership of your personal development and growth. Personal development will ensure you are constantly in a state of improvement. It will also save you a lot of time because the better you become, the easier achieving your goals will become. One of the best forms of personal development is investing in yourself. 

As a leader, you can’t afford to stop learning. You need to invest in yourself to create a successful business and workplace. 

Tonika Bruce, a seasoned leader and coach, can help you become a better leader in your place of work. She has successfully raised leaders performing excellently in various fields through her coaching and training programs. Request a coaching consultation: book an appointment

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