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Relentless Pursuit helps you understand the fundamentals of Success, equip you with proven tips for unlocking your potentials and achieve great Success with a full understanding of what Success is.


  1. Engr Hasaan

    Amazing!!! One of the best books that I read in recent times, I love to read in my leisure time and this book Relentless Pursuit by Tonika Bruce was recommended by a friend and it met my expectations. It’s a roller coaster and experiences mentioned in the book literally worth a million of bucks $$$.

  2. Joe Pharell

    A great piece from the author. I loved every bit of the book. Highly recommendable take-action prompts in the book.

  3. Petronila Nkatha

    A masterpiece of all time. A book with practical and actionable content. Worthwhile and transformative information.

  4. Christine Peletina

    This book helped me understand the true meaning of success. This has helped me discover my true self, value my capabilities and use it correctly to achieve my own success! This is highly recommended!

  5. Sher M. Bazeed Khan

    Highly recommended! I not much of a reading person kind of guy, but this book <3

  6. Everlyne Dawa

    A great read from a great author. This book kindled the fire to achieve in me and gave me the tips I need to sail through. When you feel you’re not enough, the book reminds you that you are a masterpiece and have the potential. I highly recommend it to everyone with a desire to change their story.

  7. Manus Kiage

    Loved how this book articulates well how pushing on gives ultimate outcomes. if it’s recommending a book to someone, I’ll choose this one over and over.

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