Dominate Your Market is the ultimate package that will get you started with effective marketing techniques, strategies and campaigns for your brand. You will learn proven techniques to building your list of subscribers and how to easily convert sales.

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Dominate Your Market is the ultimate package that will get you started with effective marketing techniques, strategies and campaigns for your brand. You will learn proven techniques to building your list of subscribers and how to easily convert sales.


  1. Frederick

    Great book! She has an enthusiastic way of spreading her knowledge through the book. Highly recommended

  2. Noah Richmond

    An insightful book indeed. I love how it expounds well on marketing aspects one should consider sharpening and use to boost sales in a business.

  3. Arliah Lyn Hernandez

    this is a perfect book!!!

  4. Ryan Mallorca

    “DOMINATE YOUR MARKET” is indeed a good read. I get to discover and choose among the many marketing techniques and strategies it presents. Perhaps, more than these, spending time reading this book broadens my horizon and changes my perspective in the corporate arena.

  5. Nida Mallorca

    “DOMINATE YOUR MARKET” should be one of the titles in your bookshelf. It is definitely helpful not only business owners but also aspiring businessmen. It primarily provides all of us a clear understanding of the different strategies and techniques that we can use for our respective businesses. This, I guarantee, is worth your money and time.

  6. Frederick

    For $30, it is a great read especially if you are starting your own company with a specific brand, from marketing strategies and the campaign itself. This book will guide you step by step into the horizon of success.

  7. Muhammad Sahil

    Promotion and marketing are crucial in getting a business to the hieght it is expected to reach. And when it comes to your business that need a push upward you need DOMINATE YOUR MARKET by TONIKA BRUCE. You can learn effective marketing techniques, strategies and campaigns for your brand!

  8. Alfred Olekoiyala

    If you have been looking for the best marketing tips and techniques, “Dominate your market” is here to help you. I got lot’s of marketing tips,strategies and, it helped me build my email list and converted more sales.

  9. Joe Pharell

    Well written piece!! A definite must-have if you are looking to sharpen your dominance skills.

  10. Anna Marie

    This book is all about becoming successful in what you are doing. If you are a new business owner or have a problem in marketing your products. This book will help you understand marketing techniques, strategies, and branding in a very simple way. The reader will learn the secret ingredients in marketing your product. This book is the start of your success, from being a newbie to becoming a guru. If you follow the guidance of this book, you will achieve your goals. You need to learn, then put it in place and you will convert sales.

    This book is very well written. I give the book 5 stars because it supports more people who don’t have experience in this field to be successful in their business venture.

  11. luis rafael pontiles

    It helped me a lot to know where to focus to truly take advantage of the market niche, it is incredible how much can be achieved by knowing where to focus. thanks to the author, I recommend buying this book

  12. Petronila

    In a diverse world that is growing fast, it is wise to have a guide that will help you dominate. Dominate your market is the ultimate guide that will, like a leader, direct you step by step on how to implement what you learn from this great material and convert as you desire. this is indeed the ultimate resource if you want to be on top of the market arena. Grab your ‘DOMINATE YOUR MARKET’TODAY and stay on top of the market and lead from the top.

  13. Elizabeth

    Dominate your market is the ultimate guide to building a solid online presence. Inside its pages are simple marketing strategies for ambitious entrepreneurs. You will learn how to navigate internet marketing by mastering to create effective campaigns, build a list of subscribers, and convert them into sales.

  14. Emmanuela May Calang

    It’s been a great privilege to meet Tonika Bruce one of the best coach leaders that I met. I get the chance to have this premium training package Dominate your market. I’ve been able to know the effective marketing techniques for building a brand and understand email marketing and some special tips and techniques on how to convert into sales this will help me as I plan to start a small online business. I’m always longing for success, and learning and seek a mentor from the expert is the best way to change your life and achieve your wildest dream. To all aspirant leaders and business owner, it is a great catch for you. Highly Recommended.

  15. Everlyne Dawa

    I just love everything about the training. The concept is easy to grasp and very applicable. I would highly recommend it for anyone struggling with growing their brand

  16. Reina Noble

    Having this kind of mindset can truly help an individual achieve success! A great book to spend on buying it.

  17. Obaid Yousuf

    Its no Joke, It has the best techniques i have ever used, I had no experience before but this guide is very well explained and tbh it converted me a lot of sales by just investing $30!

    Highly Recommended!!


    A life-changing book that focuses on constructive criticism and productivity for new business. Highly recommended!

  19. Stephen

    The best so far I have read on how to dominate market, keep it up guys

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