Tonika Bruce

Serial Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author, Coach, Founder, and CEO of Lead Nicely, Inc.

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People always ask me what I do

The simple answer is I help busy, motivated leaders, health workers, professionals, authors, and entrepreneurs establish their purpose and online presence through unique business visions and strategies.

Serial Entrepreneur

Tonika Bruce is a serial entrepreneur, and has helped start and grow 50+ ventures. She is the founder and CEO of Lead Nicely, Inc., the creator of  Phalera CRM  and other ventures in healthcare and publishing .

Bruce is one of the few gifted strategists and forward thinkers in business. She has an uncanny ability to spot opportunities and market gaps up for grabs in a saturated and competitive business world. With her solid advice, professionals, leaders and business owners understand patterns and where to focus their marketing efforts in their niches.

Building People, Businesses and the In Between...

Today, she helps companies build their brands and leverage digital marketing to reach their target audience and boost sales through her full-service agency, Lead Nicely, Inc.

Whether these are professionals, schools, healthcare ventures, or non-profits, Tonika knows how to elevate and bring brand relevance out.


Industry Leader and Expert Contributor

Tonika Bruce is a regular contributing author for the medical encyclopedia MBBCH and has also been featured as a contributor on Forbes, YEC, the Color of Wellness Magazine and other online publications.

As an award-winning nurse leader and successful entrepreneur, Tonika shares her insights and professional advice on leadership, digital marketing innovation, and health and wellness.

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To empower others so they can live a life of purpose

Tonika has always considered herself a natural leader and entrepreneur- fresh out of college, she discovered the gold mine in network marketing and built her first successful venture with over 800 sales representatives. With this as the springboard, she received invitations as a professional speaker and sales coach.

She has since been coaching entrepreneurs and salespeople for 20 years, helping them achieve their goals.


IdeaMensch Top Entrepreneurs Making a Difference

Featured in September 2021 Issue of IdeasMensch entrepreneurs for her work at Lead Nicely, Inc.

Identify Patterns

Look at past successes and failures and identify patterns. Did you succeed in leading a team with a clear goal or struggle when it was less clear? Reflect on your leadership strengths and weaknesses. Are you good with innovative ideas, but not at implementing them? An honest self-evaluation is an effective way to judge your leadership. Identify the pattern or problem and you have a solution.

Tonika Bruce, Lead Nicely, Inc.


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Do you have a dream?

I can help you translate it into a tangible venture by crafting a vision and subsequent growth strategies. Whether you need help with your startup, marketing, or management skills- let me know, and we can work together on getting results fast.