One-on-One with Coach Tonika Bruce

12 Week Business and Professional Coaching

Explode your business and career trajectory with practical training from a serial entrepreneur, seasoned coach, and business leader. Tonika Bruce is a serial entrepreneur, seasoned coach, and business leader with over 20 years of experience. She has helped establish over 30 businesses and mentored over 100 business owners and individuals. Her coaching topics focus on self-assessment, leadership, team management, SEO optimization, and other areas of business management, including mastering digital marketing.

What the Training Offers:

Premium coaching for 3 months

What You Get Along
with The Training

Training material and free resources

Follow-up and accountability to keep you on track to goal achievement

Expert coaching and mentorship support

3 Key Training Areas

Personal Development Coaching

Experience wholesome self-growth to overcome stagnation in life by:

  • Improving your self-awareness (relating with self and others)
  • Identifying and building your identity
  • Discovering and developing your purpose
  • Mastering money beliefs and financial discipline
  • Accelerating growth- create your mission and action plan

Business Coaching

Turn your ideas into a profitable business venture through:

  • Identifying your purpose and profitable niche(for new entrepreneurs)
  • Creating a clear-cut vision and mission
  • Writing a practical marketing plan for your business
  • Help to review and modify your business model
  • Building a robust online presence-website building and integrating social platforms for business
  • Digital marketing tactics and SEO
  • Step by step implementation of your business plan

Professional and Leadership Coaching

Professional development help through all career stages:

  • Early executive training
    • How to stand out in the corporate environment
    • Professional goal setting and personal branding
    • Creating and optimizing Linkedin profile for work success
  • Mid-level executive training
    • How to deal with role transition
    • People management skills; team building and supervision
    • Balancing tasks and people orientation
  • Senior-level executive training
    • Transitioning from management to leadership with ease
    • Learning and practicing the basics of leading; strategic thinking, risk-taking, executing a vision.
    • Becoming a confident, influential leader
    • Learning to speak up and speak out
    • Creating and delivering captivating public presentations
    • Building profitable speaking engagement gigs

The professional market is super competitive, and you should be too. The most effective way to do that is to gain an advantage over the rest. Join the exploding circle of growth-oriented people taking advantage of the virtual training industry.