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Hear What People Are Saying About Tonika

There are few people in my world who I consider versatile confidants. Tonika Bruce, for me, is the person who has had enough life experiences and success for me to call her on almost any topic, and she can point me in the right direction. Having known her for more than 15 years, I have seen her excel in everything she placed her energy. Tonika is exceptionally intelligent and has incredible drive, like no other. Tonika has a way of getting YOU to pull the best out of YOURSELF. Spend 15 minutes with her and see how much inspiration and clarity she gives you. Her character, passion, and energy make you realize there is much more to do in this life. She is an unsung change agent who thrives in service to others. It has been an absolute honor to call her a friend and mentor.

Dorian A. Lee CEO, B’BALL 101 

I have crossed paths with several accomplished and successful people throughout my career as a nurse and executive. Few people made the impression that Tonika made on me. We connected immediately. She reminds me of myself in so many ways. Tonika is a change agent who can inspire people and make others reflect on and accomplish their goals and dreams. She is a driven leader who motivates, inspires, and influences people to reach their full potential while being genuine and authentic. She is a leader who sets high standards, governs herself with integrity, regardless of how hard things get, and she never gives up.

Molly Arau, MBA, MSN, RN Chief Nursing Officer 

Tonika has made a huge impact on my life, community, and the world around me. With a humble disposition and fire inside her, she is the example of influence and power under control. From failures, she developed amazing success and inspired others. The first day I met Tonika, I recognized her power and influence. To the naked eye, you might miss it, as she has a heart and passion for developing the underdog. Quite frankly, she has insight at a level that most of us may never reach. If you’re divinely aligned with her, or your paths cross, you will encounter a piece of your own puzzle in life. The keys and principles in this book will propel you to find success, live your purpose, and inspire you to your next level.

Melody Kashumba, MSN, ED, CCRN, LSSYB, AS-CM Life Coach, Professional Development Specialist, CEO of Graceful Acceleration LLC

From the first conversation I had with Tonika, I found her to be focused, driven, and intelligent. That initial impression has only solidified in the years I’ve known her. As I watched how she would interact with her classmates and demonstrate her innate leadership and communication skills, her success was inevitable. In her classes, she demonstrated a grasp of leadership and healthcare systems; her work was always well developed, researched, and insightful. In a class of leaders, Tonika was a leader. No doubt, this charismatic, dynamic woman will achieve her dreams, become one of the greatest success stories, and contribute to the future of nursing.

Dr. Holly Madison, Program Director, Ph.D., DNP, and Traditional MSN Programs, Nova Southeastern University