How To Delegate Tasks Effectively To Your Team: The Do’s and Don’ts of Delegation

how to delegate tasks effectively to your team

How To Delegate Tasks Effectively To Your Team: The Do’s and Don’ts of Delegation

Are You a Leader Who Suffers Burnout?

If you feel like you are always taking on too much responsibility or that your team isn’t meeting your expectations, maybe it is time to learn delegation

Delegating tasks

Delegating tasks is crucial in an organization. As a leader, you can’t do everything by yourself. You should delegate tasks to build trust, empower your employees and also help with developing them professionally. And as a leader, delegating tasks allows you to know where the strengths and weaknesses of your employees lie. However, many leaders either don’t want to delegate tasks for several reasons or don’t know how to delegate tasks efficiently. 

A 2013 survey by Stanford University revealed that 35% of leaders admit that they need to improve their delegation skills. Another 37% disclosed that they are actively working to improve their delegation skills. This shows that delegating tasks is a vital management skill every leader should have. In this article, you will learn tested and proven tips on delegating tasks to the right team members in your organization.

Check out the five tips you will need to delegate tasks effectively. 

tips to delegate tasks effectively

Choose The Right Person For The Task

One of the core skills of a good and successful leader is knowing your team members’ strengths and weaknesses. You must also understand their preferences. For example, you should avoid giving group tasks to an employee that likes to work alone and vice versa. This is because the person won’t be fully productive if they execute tasks not suited to their preferences and strengths. 

To know the preferences of your team members, collate all the tasks you want to delegate and ask them to choose. The ones your team members willingly pick are likely where they will perform excellently well. Use this profile to delegate tasks. Doing this will also encourage engagement and build trust among your employees.

Clearly Define The Outcome You Desire

You haven’t delegated tasks if you haven’t defined the desired outcome. What you assign to your team members should have proper context. The assignment should connect into the company’s goals. There are several factors to put into place before your team members start executing tasks. 

These factors include your employees deliverables, timeframes, milestones, and the things you would consider to measure the success of their output (KPIs). 

Another thing you must avoid is micromanaging and looking for perfection. This is because your employees can complete projects differently than you have desired. So, keep an open mind on the creativity of final output.

Provide The Right Resources And Training

One of your roles as a good leader is to provide the right resources your employees need to complete a task. Giving your team members complex projects without the tools and resources will discourage them and frustrate you, the leader. 

So, ensure that your employees have the proper skills and tools to execute any task you give to them. You can also provide training so that they can hone those skills. For instance, if your employees are using a particular tool for the first time, ensure that they are familiar with it before they begin the task.

The best way to provide the proper resources is to tell your team members the step-by-step guide to how you would execute the task. This will act as their guideline for implementing projects the way you desire. Here are some free training resources for your team.

Establish an Open And Clear Communication Channel

Establishing an open communication channel is crucial in delegation. Doing this will let them have access to you at any time in case they have any questions. They will also be able to provide progress updates at intervals. 

However, ensure you are not micromanaging. 

The communication channel should strictly be for the employees. You can monitor the progress without getting in the way of the employee. Let them know you are available for questions if they are confused about anything. And ask for reports at different times before the deadline of the task.

Deliver and Ask For Feedback

Ask For Feedback

Don’t be the leader who delegates tasks to their employees and then blames them if anything goes wrong. The general rule for project feedback is to do it after the delegated tasks are complete. Also, always offer constructive criticism if it has not been accomplished as required. This will help your team members to avoid those mistakes in case of future tasks.

You must also thank them and give positive feedback if the task is done well. This will encourage trust and reward areas of the brain so they can do better when you delegate the next project. 

The other side of this is employee evaluation of your leadership on the project. You should also ask your employees if they have any feedback to give to you. One aspect to consider in this review is to ask them if the instructions were concise enough. Also, get their opinions on how you can delegate better next time you assign tasks for a new project. This will help you learn and improve.

Final Thoughts

Most leaders suffer burnout. But, delegation is the solution. You will become a better leader when you start delegating the right employees to the right tasks and responsibilities. 

Yet,delegating tasks and getting it correct is not an easy job. It’s a skill you have to practice and hone with time.  

One of the best ways to hone your delegation skills is taking training courses in business and management. 

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