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Innovative Business Leader
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Personal & Business Development Coach, Dynamic Leader

My name is Tonika Bruce. I am insanely lucky to do what I am purposed to do, each and every day, and that is, leading and inspiring people. When people ask me what I do, I simply tell them I help busy, motivated leaders, authors, and entrepreneurs establish their purpose and online presence. My passion is training and developing people, and I enjoy working hand-in-hand to help others craft their unique business vision and strategies.


With over 20 years of experience building businesses and teams, I excelled in many fields, and built brands dedicated to networking, connecting, and understanding a person’s individual needs. Through this, I strive to motivate and inspire success in everyone I meet, regardless of their goals. I have found success in multiple niches, including nursing, entrepreneurship, business and basketball coaching, and executive leadership. It’s your turn. Let me show you how. Book a 15-minute appointment.
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What Do I offer?


Over the years, I have gone through challenges that have shaped me, and made me developed these leadership my training sessions are geared to bringing out the leader in everyone.


Are you a business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur? I offer top world class sessions with practical examples, hidden secrets and lessons that will help you scale your business


Inspired to see you succeed in your career and business, I have crafted training programs that will allow you to network, learn the secrets of success, interact with various leaders.


Running a business is challenging, I will help you clarify your business goals, achieve your development objectives, and develop sound business visions and strategies unlocking your potential.

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