5 Wrong Attachments in Life that Limit Your Success

5 Wrong Attachments in Life that Limit Your Success

Attachment is the number one obstacle on your journey to success. Almost all negative emotions and failures link to attachments that need to go for you to live a fulfilled life. In this blog post, I want to explore the limiting connections and attachments that are actual obstacles to your growth. 

As someone who has gone through failure more times than I can count, I started noticing a pattern. The undeniable relation between our “life baggage” and the motivation to reach for higher goals. In my book Limitless Success I talk candidly about these bad breaks and the lessons that pushed me forward.  

Here are five attachments that are holding you from reaching your full potential.

Attachment to the Comfort Zone

Comfort comes from the familiar, but it does not bring change.

The desire for comfort can reduce productivity, leading many people down an unfulfilling path only by their standards or those set out before them – without any room left open for creativity and discovery. Consider this. When are you most successful? When you are uncomfortable. When the basics of life become too hard, we often find ways to make life more interesting, like binge-watching on Netflix or spending more time on social media. 

These comforts seem harmless but keep you from pursuing meaningful goals in life. 

Embrace discomfort. Understand that your uncomfortable feelings mean you’re doing something new. New actions bring new results, which might be what you’re seeking.

Attachment to Your Ego

The need to be right is a close second. The reality in life is that we are wrong about many things. However, if you feel the need to be correct, there’s no room for growth. Instead of wanting to prove you’re right, seek the truth. Spend time building a more accurate view of the world rather than trying to force your current perspective on it. Learn new ideas, develop an open mind and seek other opinions. Even the most successful people learn a lot from their peers.

Attachment to Your Identity

Do you see yourself as an ineloquent person? If so, you’ll never become a great orator. Do you believe you’re naturally a heavy person? A lean, healthy body will always be out of reach.

The limiting self-belief shapes a limited reality.

It’s very challenging to create a reality that clashes with your identity. Why are you attached to your opinion of yourself? Psychology has shown that the body always follows the mind.

If you are attached to the wrong identity, start working on your internal dialogue and self-belief system.

Attachment to Habits

Your life is the ultimate expression of your habits. Depending on the practices we adopt, our lives get a little better or a little worse each day. Over several years, these habits dictate the quality of your life. 

Many success experts believe that the development of new, effective habits is the cornerstone of success. Let go of old habits to make room for the new.

Attachment to Places and People

Many of the best opportunities can be in other locations. Are you attached to your hometown, state, or even country? The world is a vast place. A breakthrough for you might not be within 25 miles of your front door.

We often become attached to places because of our connections. It’s not easy to leave friends and family for the sake of attaining success.

 The people in our lives are also habits. Think of the most successful people you know. Describe the people they spend time with regularly. Compare that to the people in your social circle. Can you see a difference? Moving ahead often means letting go of certain people.

The Bottom Line

Attachment is limiting. If your life seems to be stagnant, your attachments are part of the challenge. Examine your tendencies and determine which are impeding your progress. Be willing to change and accept another viewpoint. Many attachments are pleasurable in the short term but detrimental to progress in the long run. Let go of the wrong attachments to enjoy success.

These ideas are a summary of lessons from Limitless Success by Tonika Bruce. Get and read it here..

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