5 Perfect Ways Leaders are Impacting Change Today

Ways Leaders are Impacting Change

Lead change by influencing it.

There are many examples of thriving organizations that started strong- with excellent leadership, culture, top-notch talent, and a massive client base. But, shortly after selling out or migrating to another location, they rapidly crumble. The problem is usually that of change management.

Constantly changing and devising ways to stay ahead of the competition is crucial for the survival of companies. So, change management is becoming a core skill for leadership.

Today’s blog explores five copybook ways leaders are impacting change in organizations.

Creating Experiences That Introduce Possibilities

Most people won’t change unless they see and understand the need. In effect, leaders that influence change master the tricks that table this proof. One way is creating experiences (a drill/ test run) that show them all the possible benefits of the new system, environment, or other adjustments coming.

Modeling the Change

Crazy as it may sound, did you know employees monitor the leader’s consistency in words and actions to tell what they should believe? The same applies to influencing organizational change. Successful leaders become the first people to adopt the new adjustments. Then, the team will be confident and receptive to take up the same. It is the difference between theory and practice. For the actual change to happen, they must move from concept to reality.

Strategically Leading Decision Making

Leaders are usually in charge of resources and people. Such is an ideal position to make decisions on the projects and initiatives that support the new changes. They choose options that will drive these goals by leveraging this authority.

Influencing Company Culture

Humanity is subject to influence. The things that influence people have the power to change how they act or feel. These sources fall into personal, social, and structural motivation. Leaders that understand these human motivations tap into them to effect change in the organization and the world. An example of a personal motive for employees resisting change can be fear of failure or lack of skill/inexperience to work in a new environment. The role of the leader is to use these as the baseline. Taking a page from coke, they connect to human emotions with creative stories.

Sponsoring the Change Initiative

In January, the world went abuzz following Elon Musk’s endorsement of Signal in a tweet to his followers. Musk’s Signal versus Whatsapp affair is just a demonstration of the power of a leader’s sponsorship on change. In this scenario, leaders act as advocates using their political, financial, or social influence to support a new reform.

Conclusion of the Matter

When it comes to change, doing is more productive than knowing. Those that are successful do so by actions and not intellect. To recap, the top five ways leaders impact change are modeling it, making strategic decisions, advocating, influencing the teams’ behaviors, and showing the value of this change.

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