5 Most Important Characteristics of Every Leader

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Any workplace setting has a human capital element. All employees work for an organization but, they individually possess traits that make them well suited for their roles. Some understand the products and company procedures but may not have the other competencies for leading. These qualities here distinguish those with leadership potential.

Over time, many leadership skills have been the baseline for defining excellence or inefficiency. The most important ones work for individual leaders like a well-oiled machine to accomplish goals. They also indicate how much employees look up to them.

These are the five most important characteristics and attributes that every successful leader must have;


Zig Ziglar said that with integrity, one has nothing to fear since he has nothing to hide. It’s no wonder most organizations agree on the importance of operating on this principle in building trust. A leader must be truthful at all times to whether it is favorable for the situation at hand or not. Sometimes this can be hard when acknowledging mistakes, choosing safety and quality over reward, giving credit, etc. The best leaders do not just influence the internal public but also the external. When people realize an organization lacks honesty, they lose trust. For this reason, integrity ranks among the key characteristics every leader must possess.


Often some moments call for quick decision making. Being in charge, the best leader dares to call the shot in emergencies. They do so with the knowledge that if things don’t work out, they will be accountable for the outcome. While inclusive is valuable, too much debating over an issue can lead to time wastage and settling on a partial decision.


Every leader possesses the ability to see into the future and the elaborate steps that can lead there. He has the bigger picture of where the organization or business is going and shares it with the employees. It means he sets the purpose and direction by communicating it with clarity.


Humility is one of the rare leadership skills because it demands controlling the ego. While most can mistake it for weakness or indecisiveness, there aren’t more powerful people than humble ones. It’s a quality that shows confidence and the ability to see value in others without feeling insecure. Only a humble leader can admit when wrong, accept input from others, recognize and give credit. People are willing to follow and listen to such a person.


The true mark of a leader is in his ability to get people to work for him because they want to. The whole concept of leadership is about mobilizing a group of people to help accomplish the workload. The best leader recognizes he can’t get everything done and cooperates with others by delegating the tasks. He can identify and work well with this team daily.

With good leadership skills, employees perform better. All existing or emerging leaders must learn and develop the necessary characteristics and skills that achieve results.

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