5 Business Ideas with Low Investment and High Profit

Top 5 Business ideas by Tonika Bruce

The thought of investing large sums in a business that yields none to minimal returns is a nightmare for every aspiring entrepreneur. However, it is a fact that not all business investment ideas require a high capital base. In this decade, online work is the trend.

The best business ideas to start with investments as low as $100 and high returns will be those that only require an internet connection, a laptop, and virtual clients. Here are some suggestions.


Coaches train people to be better in the area that they are experts. The initial cost for starting a coaching business can be relatively low. The main startup requirements are support tools like video conference and data collection software to help manage the program. With more experience and measurable results, a life coach can bag high returns.


The investment for this business is time. Offering freelance services is a great and low-cost way to transition from that 9 to 5-hour job to self-employment. It gives one the time and flexibility to work with more than one client. On-demand skills like digital marketing, graphic designing, writing, virtual assistance can turn into a service-based business. The beauty is that it’s a scalable opportunity and one gets to charge what they are worth. The most sought-after freelancers can charge very high rates for their services.


Selling goods online doesn’t need a high cash influx to buy stock and pay for warehousing. Drop-shipping cuts through these costs allowing new business owners to own virtual stores, make sales, and pass orders to the suppliers.

Why this business works

  • The business owner doesn’t handle any products,
  • he can source products from more than one supplier into your online store
  • The suppliers fulfill the orders on behalf of the store owner.

The only responsibility for the drop-shipping business owner is to market the products and make sales.

Digital Products

Today there is an endless list of digital products that one can create and sell online such as templates, online courses, music, graphics, photos, etc. All they need is expertise and knowledge of the market demand. The idea is to find a product that is useful enough for the customers to download. Once up and running, profit margins remain high because there are no recurring manufacturing costs.

Monetizing an audience

Owning many followers does not fit the category of business investment ideas but, that is how influence’s get rich while seemingly doing nothing. Many businesses are willing to pay for a big audience because numbers can convert into sales. As one of the more unique business ideas on this list, it can become a business with multiple avenues for income generation by:

  • Featuring sponsored posts for brands
  • Creating a brand on Patreon
  • Selling products

These business ideas are great because they require very little investment. But like any other business, what brings in the returns is how it differentiates itself from the competition.

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